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Performance Contracting

PERFORMANCE CONTRACTING utilises the knowledge and experience of an Energy Services Company in the selection of optimum plant and equipment to reduce energy consumption. Also to provide installation expertise and project management as well as ongoing warranty, monitoring and verification of performance goals for which ESCO assumes the risk.

An auditing process is conducted across the entire operation, or part of, as agreed. Using the various technologies and systems available a theoretical energy reduction performance envelope will be calculated and in some cases trailed on site. The rate of return of energy conservation measures is calculated in relation to the current usage baseline for determination of financial feasibility.

ESCO self funded projects allows for total value of equipment, installation, project management, financing, monitoring, extended warranty and performance guarantee costs to be covered with some or no upfront contribution by the client.

Such a funding scheme may cover 36 to 60 monthly payments equal to the savings generated by the installed plant. Ownership and title of all plant is transferred to the client upon conclusion of the contract. ESCO.


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