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October 2014: ESCO Australia releases the LED Lighting Module. Designed as high output ultra high efficient LED replacement fro HID and fluorescent in a variety of commercial, industrial and public lighting applications. Easy refit to existing light fittings using low cost aluminium fittings, either stock or custom made. Module wattages are 30W, 60W and 90W are designed to replace 70W, 150W and 250W Metal Halide, Mercury Vapour or High Pressure Sodium lamps. Built in daylight and motion sensing also available.

LED Module


May 2011: ESCO Australian offers a wide range of Commercial/Industrial Induction lamp fittings. Induction lamps offer higher efficiency and longer lamp life (up to 100,000 hours which is almost 5 times traditional metal halide lamp life). Whilst the cost of induction lamps is not cheap they do offer a financial payback in under three years in most cases. In addition lamps are instant start allowing for low cost switching controls using daylight and occupancy sensing to be succesfully incorporated.


March 2010: ESCO Australia releases WebCLOCK for SmartSWITCH. An easily programmable time controller to switch SmartSWITCH daily cycles. Can also be interfaced to ETHERNET for web access to setup/change settings. SmartSWITCH can also be interfaced to simple thirdparty timeclocks or BMS systems. Product order code WebCLOCK.



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